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It's the Bark, Not the Bite? Yeah, Not at the Gun Show



    Can you repeatedly shoot a playing card with a .22 rifle at 90 feet? Maybe not? The Baltimore Antique Arms Show (2200 York Road, Timonium, Md.) is open to gunslingers and history buffs this weekend.

    Calling itself the crown jewel of collector shows, this long-running arms show strives to maintain high standards -- and it needs two days to show off its immense collections of military weapons, swords and antique guns.
    You'll be able to not only view some of the most popular arms collectors' items, but you can also purchase items from the 1000+ tables at the show.
    If you're coming to the event thinking about purchasing an AR-15, though, you may want to make other plans because this is a classic gun show -- only guns from 1898 or older are for sale. There will be no piles of SKS rifles, beef jerky (man thing?), or survival gear for sale.  
    You will be able to view some slightly more modern items, though -- classic 20th century sporting arms and military arms through the World War II era will be on display.
    On Saturday, March 17, the show is open 9 a.m.-5 p.m.; admission is $10. On Sunday, March 18, the show is open 9 a.m.-3 p.m.; admission is $5.