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Get Behind the Wheel of a Real Race Car



    For those of you who have always dreamed of being a NASCAR driver, Try Racing Cars in Manassas, Va., is the closest you may ever get to the real thing.

    For about $299, you can drive a high-performance race car 15 laps around a track. Also included is an additional five laps with a licensed NASCAR driver behind the wheel with you in the passenger seat.

    If you prefer to just go along for a ride with a licensed NASCAR driver and not drive yourself, it’s $59 for five laps.

    But if you prefer the pedal to the metal, then The Pro Drive experience ($749) may be for you. It includes 50 laps split into two segments. After 25 laps you’ll get five laps with a NASCAR driver, and then you’re on your own for the last 25 to try and hone your speed racer skills. 

    Races will be held at Langley Speedway, Old Dominion Speedway or Orange County Speedway. All drivers must have a valid state driver's license. Tickets are sold online or over the phone at 571-212-9598.