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Big Mac Museum: Yes, Really



    So maybe McDonald's doesn't use that "supersize" slogan so much anymore. (Thanks, Morgan Spurlock). But that shouldn't deter you from visiting the world's largest Big Mac replica at the Big Mac Museum (9061 Route 30, North Huntingdon, Penn.), right?

    The Big Mac was born more than 40 years ago in Western Pennsylvania by a man named Jim Delligatti. Billions of Big Macs later, a museum was built in its honor.
    Just a short drive south of Pittsburgh, this Big Mac museum also serves as an actual McDonald's restaurant that includes a state-of-the-art Playplace and high-tech displays you can sink your teeth into (literally).
    We're not suggesting you visit to pay homage to the Big Mac, exactly, but it's a good roadside stop along the way to Pittsburgh. Why stop at a regular rest stop when you could supersize it?