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Skirts for Men: Silly or Sensible?



    It's 812 degrees outside. We're all melting. At least the female portion of this sweaty city at least has options of skirts or dresses to beat the heat. If you're a dude who has to show up at the office, you're probably pretty darn uncomfortable.

    (Begin infomercial voice.) UNTIL NOW!

    OK, you might get some mighty strange looks (or pulled into the HR office), but there's always the Mountain Hardwear Men's Elkommando Kilt. It's made to dry quickly and wick away moisture, and has a UV protection factor of 50. It's also loaded with pockets. Just like real pants!

    And it's called Elkommando. Elkommando! The skirt name implies going, well, commando... and it also implies elks. RAWR! Powerful! Woodsy! Skirts for men! (Obviously we were ad copywriters in a previous life.)

    Yes, yes, there's also the option of shorts, but the skirt is airier. You've gotta admit they make so much sense, but they seem, well, kinda wrong at the same time. So guys, would you ever wear this?IF SO, GET IT: On sale at $54.99. REI: $75.