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    BE PASTE-Y: As if you didn't know, wallpaper's not just for your grandma's house anymore. All the mod hipster kids are pasting up the strips, and they're not just doin' it for the glue fumes, honest! Design Sponge pointed us in the direction of Mod Green Pod, purveyor of eye-popplingly retro patterns for any room of the house... although it'll really help if you're not renting. The Grand Jubilee (pictured) is $60 for a 13" x 13" roll, so you might just want to do an accent wall. If you're really feeling bold, try the Delight ($75 for a 25" x 33.5" roll) in tones of butter/coffee, caramel/licorice or water/peppercorn. Just one warning about all those yummy-sounding names: This is still wallpaper. Do not, we repeat, do not eat it. GET IT: