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Cold as Ice, But Quicker



    CHILL OUT: It's Friday night; your pair of jeans fit just right, but your beer's not cold. Problem? Well, before you call up Zac Brown in a panic, check out the Cooper Cooler's Rapid Blitz Chiller ($49), a portable device that lets you turn your lukewarm beverage ice cold in minutes. The nifty invention chills your beverage to temperatures as low as 33° F. All you do is add water and a couple ice cubes, and watch the chiller spin your beverage up to 200 times. The device fits most cans, beer and wine bottles so no matter what your beverage of choice is.

    If you pride yourself on being the ultimate tailgater and haven't checked this out, you're missing out. The tailgating version comes with a 12V car adaptor, perfect for barbecues at the park or picnics along the Potomac. Never run out of cold beer again! It's a great last minute gift for Father's Day. GET IT: