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Toot Your Own Horn



    Toot Your Own Horn
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    Got spirit? Prove it with your very own, trusty vuvuzela.

    MAKE SOME NOISE: As of this Sunday, the World Cup in South Africa will come to an end.  While the tournament is over, the vuvuzelas -- those deafening and very popular stadium horns -- will continue pulsing.

    At the beginning, sure, they were annoying, invading our homes through the television set. In fact, once upon a time, we were all for banning them. Yet at some point in the tournament they grew on us and now we want a noisemaker of our own.

    Apologies in advance to the neighbors.

    Even former president Bill Clinton warmed up to the noisemakers. After watching the U.S. play, he admitted to being more than a little intrigued by their rhythmic patterns. He wanted in on the vuvuzela action and announced his intention to purchase one before leaving South Africa.

    No worries though, you too can purchase a vuvuzela without ever boarding a plane. and are currently featuring a wide selection. Now you can get own your very own vuvuzela in a color and size of your choice and cause a real racket at your next sporting event. GET IT: or