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Woody Knows He Won't Win an Oscar



    Faced with daunting odds in the Oscar race, Harrelson admits he's going to sit back and enjoy the award-show party.

    "I suppose there would be jitters if I thought I was going to win," Harrelson said at Monday's Oscar nominee luncheon. "But seeing as how I am certain that I won't, I'm treating it the way that I should, which is [as] a good party. That's the way I'm looking at it."

    Harrelson is nominated for Best Supporting Actor in the "The Messenger."  He was laid back, cracking jokes and sounding truly sincere in his belief that he won't exactly be preparing an acceptance speech on Oscar night. Given Christoph Waltz's dominance in thie year's earlier slate of award shows, it's the right attitude to take.

    "Someone is going to have an accent when they accept," Harrelson said, clearly alluding to the Austrian Waltz. "But it's not going to be a Southern accent."

    We couldn't agree more. That said, a Harrelson upset for this worthy role wouldn't be a bad thing, if only to see the genuinely surprised look on his (and every other person's) face.

    Harrelson did take time to discuss his next role in "Defendor" a super-hero comedy about a regular guy who takes to the crime-ridden streets with lime juice and a duct-tape assisted uniform.

    "It's about guy who thinks he's a superhero, but he's not. He puts on the suit, but he's just a regular guy," said Harrelson. "Actually, he's not even regular. He's a little slow."

    It looks hilarious, but Harrelson didn't give it the hard sell.

    "I love the movie," he added. "But I get the feeling it's not going to get much play."