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Watch List: Your Mother Loves Fantasia For Real



    "How I Met Your Mother":

    "HIMYM" is celebrating their 100th episode in swingin' style with sexy co-stars (Rachel Bilson, Stacey Keibler, Tim Gunn. SHUT UP. Tim Gunn is hella sexy) and a big musical number featuring the absurdly talented Neil Patrick Harris belting out the virtues of his signature suits ("You can use them to snare a girl with daddy issues"). It promises to be a high-stepping, fan-kicking, jazz handsy-good time. 

    CBS at 8pm

    "The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love":

    After last week's major peepshow, who wouldn't be intrigued to see how far ABC will take the bump-and-grind they're calling a dating show. The supposed scandal of a contestant having an affair with one of the show's producers was quickly solved last week, but that doesn't mean you can't still have fun watching a good God-fearing Texan mack on 15 women desperate for a thorny rose.

    ABC 8pm

    "Fantasia for Real":

    Fantasia Barrino was crowned the American Idol in 2004 and her entire life changed. For the one year she was relevant. Hell-bent on avoiding the celebrity F-list purgatory fellow winners like Ruben Studdard and Taylor Hicks have found themselves in, Fantasia turns to VH1 to "set the record straight" about her tabloid fodder-life post-"Idol."

    Convenient timing, considered her last actual record didn't sell that well, peaking at #19, and she just happens to have another one on the way later this year. The new reality show follows Fantasia as she supports her free-loading but lovable family and tries to resuscitate her career. The first episode is titled "No More Freebies." We're hoping for future episodes like, "Everyone Else Needs to Get a Damn Job," "Why Won't Simon Call Me Back?" and "Kris Allen Can Suck It."

    VH1 10pm