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Watch List - 1/27 Obama Owns the Airtime



    "American Idol"

    Did you see Katy Perry almost throw a Coke in fellow-judge Kara DioGuardi's face last night? These guest judges bring their own big, quirky personalities. Look out tonight Simon Cowell, because no doubt Joe Jonas is gunning for you and he's armed with his own cola product.

    Fox at 8

    State of the Union

    You know American politics is all about back-room deals and sneaky back-stabbing. But on this magical night its all about hugs, smiles and double-digit standing ovations. Mandatory viewing not just because of the serious state of affairs in the country,  but also because its on every major network with serious reach into cable-land.

    Major networks and ABC at 9

    "Man vs Wild"

    If straight up survival over political life is more your thing, Discovery Channel is he way to go. Bear Grylls heads to Guatemala where he rappels into a live volcano and navigates a waterfall in an underground cave.

    New episode on Discovery Channel at 9