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Watch List - 1/25: Glenn Close Goes After Bernie Madoff-type




    She hasn't exactly cleaned up at the recent award shows and that might give Glenn Close even more an attitude as she heads into her third season of the critically-lauded show. Her next target is ripped from today's headlines as Close's character seeks to recover money from a crooked financier busted for security fraud. We're looking forward to some schadenfreude: Bernie Madoff deserved to have someone like Close going after him.

    Tonight at 10 on FX

    "Animal Planet Investigates: Dog Fighting Exposed"

    Animal Planet digs deeper into an underground sport where there are no animal winners. It's just a question of when their death will come --  in today's fight or one further down the line. Speaking to law enforcement officials who spent years as undercover dog fighters along with one real-lfe ex-fighter, the disturbing subject matter (even with a hopeful ending) is compelling viewing.

    Premieres tonight at 10

    Bachelor: On the Wings of Love

    Sometimes it helps to remind ourselves: dog fighting is a bad thing, but locking 25 woman in a house as they cat-fight their way to marrying the world's hottest man -- that's meant to be okay. Truthfully, as much as you try to deny it, there are moments of fantastic television in this sordid example of matchmaking-gone-wrong. Cue tonight's theme which is even trashier than normal: the bachelor heads out on a group RV road trip.

    Tonight on ABC at 9