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Reshoots Are Hell for "Dear John"



    In film-making and love there are second chances. But, generally speaking, if you need to go to the second-chance place, things are never going to be quite right again.

    That might be an ominous thought as Page Six is reporting that the ending of "Dear John" was reshot just a couple of weeks before the premiere at Fort Bragg, North Carolina on Jan. 23. The movie opens wide this Friday.  We're still hoping the sight of our beautiful star-crossed lovers making out in picture-esque rain makes us forget any reshoots ever happened.

    The movie was adapted from Nicholas Sparks' book and directed by Lasse Halstrom. It stars Channing Tatum and Amanda Seyfried as lovers separated when Tatum heads off to war. The paper quotes sources who say Tatum and Seyfried were in Los Feliz, California in early January shooting the added scenes. 

    A spokesperson for the film said: "The filmmakers, with Nicholas' blessing, added a scene that leaves the audience with more possibility of what might happen."