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This Week's New Movies: "Let Me In" the Theater for "The Social Network"



    This week sees the arrival of two of the most hotly anticipated movies of the year -- one a remake of an instant-classic Swedish vampire film, the other often referred to as The Facebook Movie  -- both of which deliver the goods. After that it's mostly blah-looking horror, a so-so doc or if you're in the mood for something arty and French, a film starring Kristen Scott Thomas. Let's take a look...

    Let Me In
    Chloe Moretz (“Kick-Ass”) stars alongside Kodi Smit-McPhee in the remake of “Let the Right One In,” about a mysterious young girl who moves in next door to a young boy who’s being mercilessly bullied at school. In theaters everywhere, read our full review and watch the trailer

    The Social Network
    David Fincher’s stylized visuals are perfectly suited for Aaron Sorkin’s time-darting narrative, but it's Trent Reznor’s ominous score, swelling from robotic, syncopated beats to uneasy, desolate soundscapes, that best conveys the film’s underlying theme: Hollowness. In theaters everywhere, read our full review and watch the trailer

    “Case 39”
    Renee Zellweger and Bradley Cooper star in this horror thriller about a social worker who makes the foolish mistake of taking into her home a child whose parents had tried to roast her alive – of course mysterious badness starts happening. Considering this was shot four years ago and has zero buzz around it, it’s pretty safe to assume that it’s a clunker that wouldn’t’ve have been released if “The Hangover” hadn’t made Cooper a star. In theaters everywhere, watch the trailer

    An uneven film, with moments of greatness and emotional depth. But it too often feels like it’s barely skimming the surface and it seldom seems like the filmmakers are pushing back against the book's hypotheses. In limited release, read our full review

    “Barry Munday”
    Patrick Wilson is an aspiring ladies man who finds himself “unarmed” following a savage attack in a movie theater. When he awakens from the ordeal he learns that a woman he can’t remember having slept with, played by a made-to-look-homely Judy Greer, claims he’s the father of her unborn child. In limited release, watch the trailer

    “Chain Letter”
    “Twilight”-er Nikki Reed and Keith David star in this horror film about a group of friends who receive a string of chain letters, some of which go foolishly, tragically ignored. Sure enough, those kids too cool to follow the letters’ mandate begin to die at the hands of – The Chain Man!!! In limited release, watch the trailer

    A minor Sundance hit about Sam Nussbaum, who, on the verge of getting married, insists he escort his younger brother, Tom, on a wild goose chase to find Tom's fifth-grade girlfriend. In limited release, watch the trailer

    “Hatchet II”
    Picking up where its proud predecessor left off, this new film finds a young woman who’s escaped from the clutches of the deranged and deformed swamp-dweller Victor Crowley heading back to his marshy home to exact her revenge. In limited release, watch the trailer

    Kristin Scott Thomas stars in this French film about a woman in a heated battle of wills with her husband, with whom she has two kids. She desperately wants to leave him; he is decidedly determined to keep her. In limited release, watch the trailer