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Spike Jonze's Sundance Deal to Put a Robot on TV



    Spike Jonze's new short about robot love in Los Angeles found a buyer at Sundance, where the film made its world premiere.

    "I'm Here," starring Andrew Garfield (outstanding in "The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus"), will air on IFC. The film is Jonze's spin on the Shel Silverstein classic (and epic bummer) "The Giving Tree."

    “I was trying to take the influence of "The Giving Tree," but write about relationships,” Jonze told the E-Dub. “I love Shel Silverstein. I just love him.”

    Thank God that this thing is going to make it to TV. The 30-minute short was originally financed by Absolut Vodka, the same folks who so wisely gave Zack Galifiniakis a bucket of cash to play with.

    Jonze is currently prodcuing "Light Boxes," based on the Shane Jones about "about a war waged by a group of balloonists against the month of February," in the words of Powell's Book.