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Reeves Hints At Possible Bill And Ted Threequel



    Keanu Reeves was interviewed by Josh Horowitz at MTV on Oscar Night, and Horowitz asked the same question I would have annoyed Reeves with on the red carpet: Hey you, make another Bill and Ted movie. RIGHT NOW. I DEMAND IT. Reeves responded thusly:

    REEVES: ”I’m trying, I’m trying. Sure. We’ll see.”

    HOROWITZ: I can’t tell if you’re joking or not.

    REEVES: I’m not.

    It’s easy to think that Reeves is just humoring Horowitz so that he’ll stop annoying him. However, the good folks at Ain’t It Cool News point out that Reeves has mentioned doing another Bill and Ted movie before.

    Keanu's been talking up a third BILL & TED movie for a while now. His hope is to reunite with co-star Alex Winter in a film that would catch-up with the characters as adults.

    Well, as adults, Bill and Ted are Wyld Stallyns and have brought peace and harmony to the universe with their very small, neckless guitars, or so I was led to believe. I know what I’ll do. In the future, I will watch the third film, then I will write a detailed summary of it, travel back in time to today, and place that plot summary under my desk for my present self to discover.

    /reaches under desk, finds plot summary


    Seriously though, Reeves was never a more lively actor than when he played Ted. Since those movies, he’s just been the sullen dude who wears sunglasses and stuff. As Ted, Reeves was actually animated, and funny, and mildly human. I dunno if a third Bill and Ted movie can capture the brilliance of the original, especially now that I’m old and humorless, but there’s certainly no harm in trying. Because man, did I ever love those movies. EAT THE PIG! EAT THE PIG! ZIGGY ZIGGY ZIGGY ZIG!