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Jessica Simpson Hits "Entourage" and She's Not Happy



    Ari Gold is about to find out the hard way that you don't treat a client like Jessica Simpson badly.

    Simpson spent two days on the LA set for the show playing a beautiful, blond celebrity named Jessica Simpson who is not happy with her agent --  and no doubt she nailed this one! 

    A source at HBO tells us that Ari Gold (Jeremy Piven) scrambles to keep his unhappy client in his growing empire. Good luck with that one.

    An entourage-less Simpson left behind her posse for the two-day shoot. This real-life posse was very evident on the dreadful "Price of Beauty" which was like some kind of international bad dream on VH-1.

    Hopefully a little real, "Entoutage" laughter with Piven will help us forget that program. We can only hope Piven stayed in character long enough to give her a little career advice.

    Simpson gave a tweet about her experience: "I have the utmost respect for the entire cast and crew of Entourage! Thank you for making the past 2 days memorable :)"

    Piven's arc these season has him moving into sports and recently Cowboys owner Jerry Jones appeared on the show. But we're told there will not be any Tony Romo jokes.