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Gotti Goes to Hollywood



    Famous Showdowns Between Outlaws and the Law
    John Gotti Jr.

    From "The Godfather" to "The Sopranos," Hollywood has made a killing off the story of organized crime.

    Now John Gotti Jr. is looking to cash in. 

    The former boss of the Gambino crime family hopes to make a film, documentary and memoir chronicling his life in the mob. Gotti claims he left the game in 1999.

    Federal prosecutors announced they would not pursue a fifth racketeering and conspiracy trial against Gotti after the ex-mob scion walked in December. It was the fourth time he got off in five years.

    Since the feds said they don't intend to revive the charges, Gotti's free to share his saga for entertainment purposes. 

    Gotti began writing his story four years ago and is reportedly finished with 75 percent of the book. The documentary would feature, among other things, the last encounter between father and son before John Gotti Sr. died of cancer in prison.

    "He's willing to go all the way, revealing as much as possible without hurting anyone who's still in the street life," Tony D'Aiuto, Gotti's former defense attorney and a founder of the production company set to produce the documentary, told

    In addition to helping pay his numerous legal bills, Gotti he wants to break into entertainment so he can start a youth center to steer kids away from crime.   

    Gotti, 46, pled guilty in 1999 to racketeering charges, including bribery, gambling, fraud and extortion, most of which related to his attempts to extort money from the owners of an exclusive Manhattan strip club.

    He was sentenced to 77 months in jail and released in 2005.