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Get Ready for the Cheapest, "Greatest Muppet Movie of All Time"



    With "Flight of the Conchords" and "Ali G" alum James Bobbin directing and a script by "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" star Jason Segel and director Nicholas Stoller, the new Muppets movie sounds like a can't-miss -- but new details suggest it may not quite hit.

    The endeavor has already undergone its first major change, with the title hailing not as "The Cheapest," but rather "The Greatest Muppet Movie of All Time," according to The Playlist, which also got some inside dirt on the story.

    The story centers on a young couple and their blah puppet (any bets on this one underoging a magical transformation?) who rally the Muppet gang to save the TV studio where the old "Muppet Show" was once shot. Their only hope of stopping oilman Tex Richman from drilling beneath the studio is to put on a benefit show that attracts 10 million viewers.

    We loved this movie when it was called "UHF," and starred Weird Al, Michael Richards and Victoria Jackson.

    The script is only OK, according to Playlist sources, doing a nice job of capturing some of the magic of the show, but having failed to learn some of the lessons of the film.

    The vampire puppet opera at the end of "Sarah Marshall" was so good, and the source material is unassailable, so one has to give Segel and Stoller the benefit of the doubt.