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Brad Pitt: Superhero Forever in Upcoming "Megamind"



    In the real world, he might be under attack again by the mighty forces of the tabloid press. Onscreen, Brad Pitt remains the untouchable superhero with a killer head of hair -- Metro Man.

    Thanks to the magic of animated film, Pitt is the exceedingly confident world savior in the upcoming "Megamind." DreamWorks executives offered an extended sneak peek of the 3D feature and the star clearly has a ball playing the buff, cocky superhero who saves the world so often that it has become routine.

    "He rockets around Metro City dispensing justice with a confidence and swagger," director Tom McGrath said introducing the in-progress work.

    The preview featured a scene of Metro Man unveiling a museum built in his honor in front of adoring crowds. He accepts the honor with all the rehearsed sincerity of Kobe Bryant at a charity event. Naturally the film's diabolically evil and highly inept baddie (Will Ferrell) has yet another plan to destroy Metro Man involving the beautiful Roxanne Ritchie (Tina Fey) as bait.

    "She's been a part of Megamind's plots so often that they often squabble like a married couple," said McGrath.

    Ferrell and Fey are hilarious in a plot that turns the superhero genre, especially the role of the baddie, on its head. But Pitt's superhero is especially fantastic with his slightly dim bravado. The whole clip shows the promise of another great animated film that is clearly aimed at making adults laugh, even if it's the sinister laugh of a villain with an evil plan.

    "Megamind" is set to hit theaters in November.