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Walt Disney's Childhood Home For Sale

Committee denied the request to landmark the home.



    Halloween at Home

    The Chicago home where Walt Disney was born has been on the market for the better part of five years, reports the Chicago Tribune, after a movement in the nineties to landmark the home faltered. The push back comes because Walt was a "known anti-Semite and a racist."

    Said Bernard Stone in the late-nineties, "Walt Disney was a bigot, and I'm not going to sit here on a panel and create a historical landmark for a bigot." Soon after the Committee on Historical Landmarks voted down the proposal. 

    It doesn't help that after a total renovation of the 1891 structure erased any signs that Walt ever lived there. 

    Now the home's price sits at $179,000, $11,000 less than the sellers paid for it in 2002. 

    Walt's father, Elias, a carpenter at the World's Columbian Expo, built the home, and Walt was born there (on the second floor, actually) in 1901. Four years later, the Disney family moved to Missouri and Walt never moved back to Chicago. 

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