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Why Was Brad Pitt's House Yanked From the Market?



    Brad Pitt's Malibu house was just yanked from the open market, according to the MLS, which goes to suggest that the other half of "Brangelina" is oh-so-close to securing a buyer for his oceanfront mansion. While no official deal has hit the real estate airwaves, there were reportedly moving boxes outside Pitt's home, which doesn't take a brain doctor to understand there's something brewing. 

    For dad of six Pitt, it only took about four months for him to sell his house, if reports hold true. The actor listed the stunning property for $13.75 million back in August. The modern abode itself boasts sweeping ocean views, bamboo flooring, a sleek modern kitchen, a pool, tennis courts, and four bedrooms, which let's face it, is hardly enough square footage to accommodate Brad and Angie's brood.
    Pitt's Malibu digs could quite possible transfer from one A-lister to another. Reports suggest that power couple Ellen DeGeneres and Portia De Rossi are the buyers of Pitt's spread. The high-profile duo are still looking for a buyer for their massive compound, which they listed this year for a jaw-dropping $49 million.