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White House Correspondents Weekend Started Early



    Guests at the Time, CNN, People and Fortune party at the St. Regis on Friday night were all atwitter about the attendance of Bristol Palin... although some confused her with one of the Kardashian sisters.

    But hey, this was White House Correspondents’ Association Weekend, not Oscars Weekend.

    Surrounded by Fox News' Greta van Susteren and van Susteren's husband John Coales, Tripp's mom seemed sweet, but wasn't talking -- at least, about anything that one may want to talk to her about.

    Meanwhile, country crooner Tennessee Ernie Ford would have been impressed by the 16-pound goodie bag from  that particular party, although Ford’s magic number was 16 tons.

    So what did guests take home? Niteside is still rummaging through the duffle bag, but so far has turned up a four-ounce bag of all-natural gourmet kettlecorn (exp. date Sept. 2011),  Two Moms in the Raw (translation: gluten-free almond butter cacao truffle), pretzel srisps, apple straws and either Vita Coco (coconut water with pineapple) or Sokenbicha (aromatic green tea blend) to wash it all down -- and a box of Tassimo Gevalia Black Iced Coffee to get you back up. 

    We’re afraid to count the carbs, but delighted to discover the dual L’Oreal hair products and the Artic Brightening Serum, a lifesaver for the weekend.

    It would have taken a Herculean effort to transport the goodie bag to the MPAA soiree only a block away, so most guests doing both the events cabbed it.

    Former Senator Chris Dodd, the newly appointed chairman and CEO of the Motion Picture Association of America, held an intimate and elegant party to jumpstart his new career. He replaces Dan Glickman, former Secretary of Agriculture under President Clinton. 

    Hollywood’s chief lobbyist had the support of big-time donors Barbara Streisand, Sony's Howard Stringer and Time Warner's Jeffrey Bewkes during his presidential bid, so we expect he’ll earn his keep.

    Wolf and Lynn Blitzer, Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-Vt.), Nicole Boxer, Soroush and Nancy Bagley Shehabi, Ann Compton and Greta van Susteren and John Coales -- sans the Palins -- were among the guests who lifted a glass to the new boss, who's filled a position dormant since April 1 of last year.