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Inside the "Owner's Suite": Hudson's Super Bowl Bash



    At Hudson's "Owner's Suite" Super Bowl party, the Saints were a clear favorite -- but The Who were a major miss.

    Sex columnist and author Yvonne Fulbright, who watched the game at the Dupont Circle fixture, ripped into the halftime show selection.

    "Who wanted The Who?" Fulright asked. "Katy Perry is an energetic force right now and quality entertainment. But if not her, then maybe Lady Gaga. At least if either one of them had a wardrobe malfunction it would draw more attention than The Who."

    Nightclub promoter Walid Karim echoed her sentiment.

    "Can't someone from our generation be the halftime entertainment?" he posed.

    The Saints were the clear favorites on the field.

    "I'm cheering for the Saints because they need it," said Arthur (Skip) Henderson. "It's time for something positive to happen for that city ... and everyone should win a Super Bowl once."