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Patty Boom Boom Fixture Ambia Pinnix: Reggae Is a Cure-All



    Patty Boom Boom general manager Ambia Pinnix wants to share her passion with her patrons.

    "I absolutely love reggae," she said last night, "and I care about providing reggae to other people. It makes people happy, it calms people down, and it puts them in a right state of mind. I think that it's beneficial to the greater good of humanity."

    The cultural enthusiast is a fixture at the U Street Corridor hot spot that reflects the flavors of Jamaica in its music, drinks and food. The bold colors of Pinnix's husband's artwork that lines the walls of the two-story building is a vibrant reminder of the restaurant's muse.

    "It's definitely our version of paying homage to classic recipes that are enjoyed in the Caribbean," she said.

    The newest restaurant in the neighborhood also happens to be a throw-back to reggae establishments past, according to Pinnix.

    "We're really grateful to be here because the majority of the community feels like we belong here," she added.

    "We're a fresh diverse collective of people," Pinnix said of her staff. "We can relate on fundamental values which are food, drink, music, family, cleanliness -- the things that we all like."