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Lifehouse Plays... and Then Plays... in Washington



    "This may be one of the coolest gigs I've had in 11 years," said Lifehouse lead vocalist Jason Wade. "It's like a club up here in the front, but it's also like playing in a stadium."

    The '00s-era rock band Lifehouse played a concert immediately following a Nats vs. Mets game this weekend. An intimate group of VIPs from radio station competitions and other promos danced inches in front of the band -- actually on second base -- while anyone who bought a ticket to the game watched from their seats. 

    After a long set of the band's hits, the foursome told DCers that they weren't just here to play music, they were taking a few days to play tourist as well. "We actually have two days off," explained Wade, "so you'll see us riding those Segways* around town."

    * While any actual Segway sightseeing was unconfirmed, the group (Wade; Rick Woolstenhalme, Jr.;  Bryce Soderberg and Ben Carey) did make an appearance as casual fans at Sunday's game as well.