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Mayor Fenty Is the "Batman" of Blackberries: Congressman



    Mayor Adrian Fenty takes staying connected with his constituents to a whole new level, according to a fellow plugged-in politician.

    “Mayor Fenty wears all of [his smart phones] on his belt like a Batman-type or utility-type of thing,” quipped Rep. Kendrick Meek (D-FL) to young Democrats at a recent summer fundraiser.

    The congressman confessed he, too, loves to stay in touch. And with two Blackberries and an iPhone, Rep. Meek has no trouble keeping tabs on Washington as well as the heated election in his hometown.

    "I feel like tackleberry," he joked, pulling out his arsenal of smart phones to prove how closely he keeps in touch with his constituents at the fundraiser by the College Democrats of America Alumni Association.

    Rep. Meek surprised guests at the rooftop Rising Stars fundraiser earlier this month where Rep. Tom Perriello (D-VA) was honored for his vote on health care reform. Rep. Meek was honored by CDAAA last year as one of Democrats' Rising Stars.