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The Booty Don't Stop



    I'm relatively new to the whole FOUND magazine thing, so I may be trailing the curve on this one, but a good friend told me about it recently and I went to their book tour appearance at Warehouse Theater Sunday night and was treated to this bit of brilliance (WARNING: EXPLICIT LYRICS):

    For the most part, the event was what I expected. Davy Rothbart read some of the best of the notes, letters, etc. found all over the world and sent to the magazine. It was great. Rothbart's a natural speaker with a down-to-earth style and humor, hence his gig for "This American Life." But who knew his brother Peter was such a talented singer-songwriter? Probably those of you who are FOUND veterans. Whatever. This is for those of you who aren't.

    Peter performed four songs based on stuff sent to the FOUND bros. They were both witty and heartfelt and demonstrated his lovely, sensitive voice and knack for writing nice, catchy music. I bought one of his The Poem Adept CDs but haven't had a chance to listen to it yet. In the meantime, witness "The Booty Don't Stop."

    The song's been around for a while. There's even a T-shirt for it.

    The back story behind "The Booty Don't Stop" is someone found a mix tape called "The Booty Tape." Ten songs about booty that consisted of two voices and a Casiotone and lyrics that were just one phrase repeated over and over. Peter took one of those -- "Damn, the booty don't stop, girl" -- made it a chorus and added his own verses. What we get is a song that's sweet, funny, dirty and nostalgic and exploits Peter's fertile mind. And it rips off my "let's get biblical" line.