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The Jet Age Practically Giving New Record Away



    Terrific local trio The Jet Age is following in the footsteps of major label giants like Radiohead and Nine Inch Nails who don't need you money anymore and offering its third LP at name your own price.

    Please be generous. The Jet Age just wants to be heard, but it deserve to be heard, and it deserves to paid for the great music it's been making the past few years.

    Cooking up great music in singer-guitarist Eric Tischler's Silver Spring basement, The Jet Age has never tried to hide its influences. There's the car-shoegaze of Swervedriver and the Kiwi power twee of the Clean, but The Jet Age has always been more of a garage rock band, with heavy helpings of power pop and proto punk.

    On last year's "What Did You Do During the War, Daddy?" -- a concept album about a disgruntled everyday husband and father who becomes a suicide bomber -- The Jet Age's Who influence was more obvious than ever, but that nod to those mods was welcome.

    I'll report back about in "Love" after I've had a chance to give it a few listens, but I'm optimistic. The Jet Age has yet to let me down.

    Click here to buy a digital copy of the album for as little as $1 -- or however much more you're willing to spend. Those who pay $10 or more will get the CD when it's released Oct. 27.