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Generic Teeny Bopper Fake Punks Get What They Deserve



    A buzz about the Internet had Philly bike cops beating up members of three bands outside the TLA after a show over the weekend.

    After going to the bands' MySpaces -- We the Kings, Forever the Sickest Kids and Mercy Mercedes -- I came to this reaction: Good. You don't want to get beat up? Then stay home. Don't tour. Don't record albums. Don't write songs. Please just stop.

    Theirs is the kind of same-sounding crap often labeled punk since the mid-'90s, which makes actual punk roll over in its grave. Every song sounds the same. Close your eyes, and every band sounds the same. Stop it.

    Apparently, it may have just been the crews of the bands that took the alleged beatings.

    This all occurred last night after the Bamboozle Road Show’s stop at the TLA. The bands pulled their van in the back alley to load out as the usual process, the South Street bike cops came through the alley, yelling at the bands to move their vans because they were not allowed to park. The bands asked the cops if they could have a few extra minutes so they could get all their gear out; cars rarely travel down that alley and there was no rush. The cops didn’t care and started writing a ticket for the parking violation. They made claims that the trailer tags were invalid and wanted to see proof of insurance but when the bands went to look for it, the cops replied “No time to wait, you’re getting a ticket anyway.” The bands were instructed to move so once they finished packing, they attempted to move the van, BUT they were given another ticket for a moving violation.

    Four tickets were written and it upset Trevor (tour manager) so he tried to contest them and was arrested for what I’m assuming to be “obstruction of justice.” As they had him in handcuffs, Chris (who sells merch on the tour) tried to come outside to contest his arrest, he was yelled at to stay inside and in discussion the police lost patience and literally beat him back inside the door, then to the ground, and arrested him for “assaulting a police office” when he did not touch them nor gave them any incentive to think they were in danger. An office has the right to use force when he fears his own safety is in danger. A verbal argument is not justification to beat an innocent bystander with metal batons. After the cuffed him and picked him up, a large pool of blood was on the ground where his head was.

    At first, I felt bad for 'em. But no. They're helping these hacks dupe thousands of naive young ears. They are accomplices in the delivery of this horrendous music to the ignorant masses. They should stop it, too.

    No brutality complaints have been filed yet, according to police sources, so no investigation is under way.

    You can view some of the alleged brotherly love below. I warn you that there is vulgar language, so keep this away from your kids and nieces and nephews and anyone else young enough to enjoy this kind of "music." I think I also heard a "Do you know who we are?" in there. No, we don't. And we don't want anyone else to, either.


    Gawd I love Philly. More: