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Virginia GOP Backs Closed Convention



    The Virginia GOP decided against a primary election in favor of a closed convention to pick candidates for governor, lieutenant governor and attorney general in 2013, the Associated Press reported.

    This is a huge boost for Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli. His main opponent for the party's gubernatorial nomination, Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling, likely had a better chance to win a primary election. More moderates would be involved in picking the nominee with a primary, and Bolling is the more moderate candidate.

    The Republican State Central Committee voted 47-31 to switch to a convention from a primary at the state GOP convention in Richmond, the Richmond Times-Dispatch reported. Thousands of delegates will decide nominations in an arena, the AP reported.

    Bolling's supporters argued against the change, saying it disenfranchises hundreds of thousands of Republican voters, including those on active military duty, but supporters of the convention said the party has more Election Day success with nominees picked at conventions.