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Obama Rallies in Battleground Loudoun



    The Battleground in the Battleground State

    News4's Julie Carey explains why Loudoun County could decide which presidential candidate wins Virginia. (Published Thursday, Aug. 2, 2012)

    In his latest campaign swing, President Barack Obama is hitting battleground states and hitting Republican challenger Mitt Romney hard in a new ad that charges Romney's tax plan would benefit the wealthy and hurt the middle class.

    The president stopped in Florida Thursday before heading to Loudoun County, Va., where he was expected to deliver his economic pitch Thursday night. In spite of the heat, the line of supporters eager to rally with President Barack Obama stretched alongside Loudoun County High School and down the street in Leesburg.

    “They have tried to sell us this trickle down tax cut fairy dust before, and guess what? It didn't work then and it will not work now,” Obama said in Florida.

    While Romney was in Colorado, his campaign bus rolled into Leesburg as top figures in his Virginia campaign blasted the president's economic record as abysmal. They say Romney's business background will bring results.

    “As somebody who has grown businesses, who understands how the private sector works and is going to turn this country around just the way he turned around the Olympics, he turned around a state, and he knows how to turn around an economy, and that’s what we need,” Virginia Campaign Co-chair and Delegate Barbara Comstock said.

    Those headed to the president's rally contended his leadership saved the economy from a worse fate.

    The campaigns agree on this: Loudoun County is a battleground county within the battleground state of Virginia -- a key to victory in the commonwealth. Obama captured Loudoun in 2008, but Republicans think the political tide there has turned.

    “Loudoun County is absolutely essential, and that's why we are so excited that for three years in a row Republicans have been rising and winning nearly every single office across the board in Loudon County,” said Pete Snyder of GOP VA Victory.