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New Web Videos Released in Va. Senate Race



    Two new web videos were released Monday in the Virginia Senate race.

    On the Republican side, George Allen unveiled a new video that once again closely links Democrat Tim Kaine with President Obama.  The ad, entitled "Going To Be Great?", makes use of the following statement Kaine made during an interview on CNN in January: "I think health care reform is going to go down in history as one of the great achievements of this president."

    The video ends with the tag line, "Tim Kaine. President Obama’s Senator. Not Virginia’s."

    “As Chairman of the Democratic National Committee, Mr. Kaine declared Obamacare would ‘go down in history as one of the great achievements of this president’,” said Dan Allen, senior advisor to the Allen campaign in a press release. “Instead families and small business owners are struggling under another failed Washington policy, on which Chairman Kaine sided with President Obama instead of Virginia.”

    Meanwhile, the Democratic Party of Virginia released its own video on Sunday that uses the old "Priceless" MasterCard ad template.

    The focus: the amount of spending in Congress during Allen's time spent on Capitol Hill.

    The ad uses a clip of Allen during the Dec. 7 AP Day debate between Kaine and Allen where Allen says, "When Tim talks about spending in the years I was in the Senate, yeah it was a problem in those years."

    Soundbytes to the left. Soundbytes to the right. And we're not even to 2012. Expect a lot more of this as we head into the new year...