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Morning Read: Maryland Education System Ranked Best In Country



    Maryland schools were ranked the best in the country for the fifth year in a row, according to Education Week’s highly-regarded Quality Counts report.

    The rankings are based on an extensive list of factors including education policy, funding, standards, assessments, teacher accountability and safety. Overall, the country received a C+—up from a C last year—while Maryland earned a B+, the only such grade awarded.

    Massachusetts came in second with a B, followed by New York and then Virginia. These top states had the same rankings last year.

    On the other end of the list, the District of Columbia ranked 45, earning a C-. South Dakota was at the very bottom.

    Earlier in the week, Michelle Rhee’s advocacy organization, Students First, released a study of its own that assessed states based on their education policies, not the outcome of those policies. In this assessment, Louisiana topped the list followed by Florida. Maryland earned a D+, which ranked it at 17. Virginia ranked 38 and D.C. outperformed the two states with a C+ and a fourth place ranking.


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