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Morning Read: Legislation Would Give Virginia Control Of Board Overseeing Dulles Rail Project



    The board controlling Dulles International and Reagan National airports has come under fire for its failure to govern itself.

    As a solution, Rep. Frank Wolf (R-VA) introduced legislation to reduce the size of the board of the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority, giving Virginia a clear majority of the seats.

    Under Wolf’s proposed legislation, according to Fairfax News, the board would be cut from 13 members to nine, six of whom would be appointed by the governor of Virginia. D.C. and Maryland would each have one seat and the federal government would have one as well.

    VIA Patch:

    "Both airports, the Dulles Toll Road and the Silver Line extension are all in Virginia," Wolf said. "Would anyone think that Virginia should have majority control over the operations of Baltimore Washington International Airport or the development of the H Street Corridor in the District? This clearly makes no sense."

    This legislation is one thing that Democrats and Republicans seem to agree on.

    Both Republican Senate candidate George Allen and Democratic Senate candidate Tim Kaine endorsed Frank’s legislation and said they agree that Virginia should take control of the board overseeing the construction of the $6 billion Dulles Rail project.

    But, according to the Examiner, the issue will still come into play during the campaign.

    Allen plans to continue to attack Kaine for appointing some of the board members who have come under fire for ethical and financial misdoings.


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