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Morning Read: Could Virgil Goode Swing Virginia?



    Virgil Goode’s quixotic campaign for president is forcing people to pay attention in Virginia. A former congressman from the state, Goode is the Constitution Party’s presidential nominee and has qualified to be on the ballot in several states, including Virginia. While he most likely will finish the race in the single digits—some polling shows him getting as little as 2 percent of the vote in Virginia—many fear  those numbers could still be enough to swing Goode’s homestate to Obama.

    The Washington Post offers a great a look into Goode’s lone-wolf campaign:

    Today, Goode has come to the southwestern Virginia town of Lynchburg, near his old congressional district. He starts the car and cruises through the parking lot of E.C. Glass High School, where he has just finished a speech before about 40 students. The venue wasn’t exactly a campaign gold mine. Several students firmly challenged him, including Mitchell Swann, the 17-year-old head of the high school’s Young Republicans, who demanded, “Do you know you could take votes away from Mitt Romney and single-handedly let Barack Obama win the election?”

    “The difference between Obama and Romney is the difference between tweedledum and tweedledee,” Goode told the students.

    The Washington Times, however, writes that the GOP is feeling better about Goode’s recent polling in the low single digits. A PPP poll in July showed Goode taking nearly ten percent of the vote, giving Obama an eight-point lead in Virginia.

    But with Obama and Romney still neck and neck in Virginia, claims that Goode could hand the state—and thus, potentially the election—may not be completely far-fetched.


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