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Mizeur Promoting State-Run Retirement Savings Plan



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    Democratic Maryland Delegate Heather Mizeur

    Del. Heather Mizeur, who is running for Maryland governor, has proposed a state-run retirement savings program to help workers who don't have retirement plans from their employers.

    Mizeur, a Democrat, announced plans Wednesday for promoting the health, safety and security of Maryland's elderly population. She also wants to seek more funds for Alzheimer's research and create a registry of long-term care workers found guilty of abuse.

    She estimates that the retirement savings program would become self-sufficient after a $360,000 start-up cost, and would have enough participants to make the user fees lower than alternative plans.

    Participating employees would contribute at least 3 percent of their salaries through payroll deductions.

    Del. Tom Hucker and Sen. Jim Rosapepe proposed a similar program this year, but their bills died in legislative committees.