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3 DC Council Members, Mayor to Watch Inaugural Parade

Just three D.C. council members and mayor plan to watch inaugural parade.



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    Washington, D.C. Jan. 20.

    Only three of the District of Columbia's 13 council members plan to view the presidential inauguration from the Wilson Building.

    Normally, the district's elected officials jostle with hand-picked constituents for a premier view of the inaugural parade. This year, The Washington Post reports only three council members and Democratic Mayor Muriel Bowser have said they'll be watching.

    Republican President-elect Donald Trump had the support of only 4.1 percent of the city's voters in November.

    Some council members describe their absence as a political gesture. Others have personal or public business elsewhere.

    Democratic Council member Jack Evans says he can't remember a similarly small turnout in his 26 years in office. He's planning on coming to watch what he says he views as "a historic occasion."