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Harry Thomas Jr. Behind on Payments to D.C.

Thomas still owes $230,000 to the District.



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    Despite making another payment to D.C., former Council member Harry Thomas Jr. is still way behind on paying back the District.

    Earlier this week, Thomas made a payment of $20,000 to the District, bringing his total reimbursement to $70,000.

    Thomas owes D.C. a total of $300,000 as part of a settlement with the city.

    He’s accused of taking money marked for youth sports programs and spending it on cars, trips and other luxury items.

    Thomas was supposed to make six payments of $50,000 but says he doesn’t have the money to pay back the city.

    D.C. Attorney General Irvin B. Nathan told The Washington Post it would continue to collect not only the $300,000 principal, but also 4 percent interest on his late payments.

    Nathan said they will also look into seizing Thomas’s cars and other items.

    Thomas, who resigned and pleaded guilty to federal felony theft and tax charges, will be sentenced May 15.

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