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Gray Has "No Plans" to Resign

D.C. mayor tells reporters to look at his administration's work



    First things first: Mayor Vincent Gray says he has no plans to resign from his position.

    At a press conference today about the new Green Alley program, reporters quietly watched a demonstration of how new pavement absorbs water during rainy days. 

    Then they launched into a series of questions about Gray's state of mind after one of his longtime associates pleaded guilty to helping foster a $653,000 shadow campaign for the mayor in 2010.

    Gray refused to answer any specific questions about the investigation, noting that it is ongoing. "I hope many of you will remember that a year ago I was the one who called for an investigation into my own campaign," he added.

    Insisting he "got into this for the right reasons," Gray said he could have remained in his seat as Council chair instead of running for mayor. "I got out there to be involved in this because I love DC, I’m a native Washingtonian, and I’m proud of this city in every way."

    Gray said he felt badly about Jeanne Clarke Harris's guilty plea, but reiterated that he didn't know anything about the shadow campaign. He said that candidates can't be expected to review every check that comes in.

    Instead, he hammered on his record on joblessness and law enforcement.

    "I invite you and others to take a look at what this admin has done," Gray said. "I want to make a distinction between the campaign, which we know there are issues with, and governing."

    Gray said the investigation will continue, and that it's up to the U.S. attorney what happens next.