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D.C. Mayor Gray Calls Flag Mistake 'Complete Fiasco'



    D.C. Mayor Gray Calls Flag Mistake 'Complete Fiasco'

    Mayor Vincent Gray says an upside-down District of Columbia flag printed on the cover of the city's voter guide was a "complete fiasco'' and tests his confidence in the elections board.

    Gray said Tuesday matters were made worse when a D.C. Board of Elections spokeswoman said the upside-down flag wasn't a mistake, but rather a deliberate attempt to engage voters after a low-turnout primary election.

    The board's executive director later confirmed that the upside-down flag was an error. The voter guides went to more than 300,000 households.

    Gray says his faith in the board 'has been tested severely'' and that he isn't confident about how it will handle the Nov. 4 election.

    Elections officials have said they've addressed computer glitches that caused major delays in counting votes in the April primary.