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@ChehPress Gets Persnickety About Pesticide Bill



    Is D.C. Councilmember Mary Cheh trying to protect insects with her new pesticide safety legislation?


    The D.C. Council is voting today on the bill, which will require the government to identify more dangerous pesticides and limit their use near schools, government buildings, and waterways. The news has some in the pesticide industry upset -- and it's leaving Cheh's office to fight misconceptions.

    And going by a stream of tweets last night from Cheh's communications director, Kiara Pesante, those misconceptions extend to the Washington Post's Tim Craig.

    Craig wrote a blog post about the bill yesterday, briefly drawing a comparison between it and a previous humane-animal-trapping bill (it was a bill that got Cheh mocked on air by right wing radio host Rush Limbaugh).

    Last night, Pesante took to Twitter to complain about "some reporters" who will "always get the story wrong."

    Pesante tells us that she sent Craig corrections to the post, but adds that the comparison to the wildlife legislation had her fielding inquiries from people asking whether the pesticide bill was "insect protection" legislation. (Again: It's not.)

    Craig admits that he made an error in his post -- he misattributed a negative quote to a toxicologist when it came from a lobbyist -- but it has since been corrected. Pesante, he says, "did have a legitimate gripe about that."

    But he adds that people can form their own opinions about whether it was appropriate to compare the pesticide bill to the animal-trapping bill. (Pesante tells us: "They're in no way related.")

    Check out the conversation below and tell us what you think.