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Bowser Holding Public Hearing on Ethics Bill



    Do you think government is run by a bunch of crooks?

    That’s a popular view of many people who slam all manner of local, state and federal governments.

    Well, here in the District of Columbia you have a chance to officially say something about it.

    On Wednesday, DC Council member Muriel Bowser is holding her public hearing on a proposed new ethics bill for the city.  The hearing is at 11 a.m. Wednesday at the John A. Wilson Building, 14th and Pennsylvania Avenues NW downtown.

    But if you want to testify, you have to sign up by 11 a.m. Tuesday. Call 202-724-8025 to sign up.  Or email

    The ethics hearing -- Bowser has promised a preliminary vote on the bill before January -- comes as the federal U.S. Attorney is investigating possible illegal conduct by two elected officials and their campaign organizations -- Mayor Vincent Gray and Council Chairman Kwame Brown.

    A third investigation by federal authorities is looking into the alleged misuse or theft of $300,000 in city funds by Ward 5 council member Harry (Tommy) Thomas.

    All three officials have said they’ve done nothing illegal.  It’s your say now on what could be done to toughen ethics laws and penalties for violations.