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Afternoon Read: The Obama Effect on Hoagies



    Another D.C. council member may have just been charged by the D.C. Attorney’s Office, but that doesn’t mean all is bad in the nation’s capital.

    A sandwich shop in D.C. is posting unparalleled sales after President Obama paid the restaurant a visit last month for a discussion with small business owners.

    Since Obama was photographed at Taylor Gourmet, the shop’s social media clout has boomed and its hoagie orders have soared.

    Obama ordered the Spruce Street hoagie and the shop now sells 53 of those sandwiches a day. In the pre-Obama visiting era, Taylor Gourmet only sold on average 21 Spruce Streets a day.

    The shop’s daily Facebook page views have jumped from 36 to 2,205.

    The Huffington Post got a hold of an infographic compiled for Taylor Gourmet by creative agency JESS3 that shows just how profound the Obama influence has been.

    Check out the image and the HuffPost story here.

    * D.C. Council Chairman Kwame Brown has been charged with fraud and is expected to resign in the coming days.

    Brown is the second council member to be charged by the D.C. Attorney's Office this year.

    Read Tom Sherwood’s full report here.

    Washington City Paper has a post on the somewhat complicated laws that dictate who would replace Brown if he resigns. Their conclusion: at-large Council member Phil Mendelson, who is often considered to be D.C.’s most boring politician.

    * The conservative group Citizens United contributed $5,000 to an effort to repeal Maryland’s Congressional map, according to The Baltimore Sun.

    Citizens United is best known for its monumental efforts on fighting campaign finance limit laws.

    Del. Neil Parrott and his group is spearheading the efforts and has already secured about half of the necessary 55,000 signatures to trigger a referendum and get the issue on the ballot.

    The Sun reports that financial records filed with the state show the organization made the donation on May 5.

    * Kal Penn -- the actor who played Kumar in the Harold and Kumar movie series -- will be campaigning for Obama in Arlington at 6 p.m. Monday.

    In between acting gigs, Penn has worked in the Obama administration as an associate director in the White House Office of Public Engagement.

    According to The Washington Post, Penn will head to the campaign’s Arlington office after the event to greet phone-bank volunteers.