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Afternoon Read: O'Malley Says 2016 Presidential Talk "Flattering"

Governor says he's focused on Maryland for now



    Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley, who also serves as president of the Democratic Governors Association, is in New York this week for an event hosted by New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

    Both O’Malley and Cuomo have been talked about as 2016 presidential hopefuls.

    Capital New York interviewed the Maryland governor and asked him about Cuomo and the far-off 2016 race:

    “I believe the both of us are 100 percent focused on the jobs that we have to do right now in order to get our states out of this recession and into a better day," he said. Then O'Malley paused briefly, smiled and added, "It's very flattering when people think down the road for you. I'm sure he's flattered by it as well. But I would doubt that either of us spend much time during the course of a day worrying about that or working on that."

    * The White House’s first chief technology officer Aneesh Chopra stepped down from office Friday and The Washington Post reports that he is expected to announce that he will run for lieutenant governor in Virginia.

    * While many people gave Katie O’Malley -- Maryland’s first lady -- major props for her strong worded statement Thursday calling the lawmakers who voted against a bill legalizing same-sex marriage last year in Maryland “cowards,” the first lady apologized for her word choice today.

    Here is her apology statement:

    "I regret my recent choice of words at the Creating Change Conference last night. I let my feelings get the better of me. I deeply respect that there are strongly held and differing views on marriage equality in Maryland, but hope that our State’s elected officials will come together to fairly address this important issue for our families and children."

    * In some sort of ironic play of events, Tim Day -- the accountant who first questioned former D.C. Council member Harry Thomas Jr.’s private fundraising -- officially filed to enter the race to fill the seat Thomas resigned from.

    Fittingly, the Washington Post reported that Day said he plans to run a campaign focused on ethical and fiscal issues.

    Day announced that he would run Friday on NewsChannel 8’s NewsTalk program.

    “I have to do this,” he said. “I have to show there are honest, ethical people who understand processes and will do the right things. ... I’m the honest, ethical guy who brings a new, fresh perspective on how we can spend our money without wasting it.” 

    * The Washington Post had an interesting editorial Thursday questioning D.C. Council member Jim Graham’s role in the District’s controversial lottery contract.

    The editorial links to a series of emails that reveal some new and curious details about what went on behind the scenes in the awarding process.