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Afternoon Read: Kaine Out-Fundraises Allen in Senate Race



    Democratic Senate nominee Tim Kaine has once again raised more than his likely Republican opponent in the Virginia Senate race, George Allen, in the pre-primary filing period in the second quarter.

    Kaine raised more than $1.2 million compared to Allen’s $750,000 in the latest filing period that ended May 23, according to The Richmond-Times Dispatch.

    In total, Kaine has raised more than $8.6 million since he entered the race, and Allen has raked in $6.7 million.

    Despite this, Allen technically has more money in his pocket than Kaine. Allen has $2.75 million to Kaine’s $2.5 million, and Kaine recently reserved $2.5 million for television advertising for the fall.

    * Michelle Obama’s first solo campaign stop of the election cycle is in, surprise, surprise -- Virginia.

    The first lady is scheduled to be in northern Virginia June 7 for her first appearance of the campaign without President Barack Obama.

    She previously appeared with the president at a campaign rally in Richmond in May.

    * A federal court ruled in favor of former D.C. Council member Harry Thomas Jr. Thursday and said he had to pay $353,000 in restitution to the District instead of the higher amount the prosecutors requested, according to The Washington Times.

    The prosecutors’ figure of $446,000 included money that had been diverted from a youth drug prevention program to fund an inaugural ball in January 2009.

    Thomas was convicted of stealing money intended for youth sports programs and will begin a 38-month prison sentence at a federal prison on June 20.

    * D.C. Council Chairman Kwame Brown’s wife is allegedly being sued for not paying more than $15,000 in credit card debt, according to Loose Lips.

    Ordinarily, LL wouldn't be interested in the personal finances of a public official's wife. But Brown's family's financial troubles rise to the level of news because they were a key factor in the 2010 chairman's race–and, back then, Brown himself made clear that it was a family issue. In the midst of that contest, news broke that Brown was being sued for failing to repay more than $50,000 he owed to three different credit cards.

    * Virginia U.S. Senate hopeful George Allen launched a two-week Virginia tour Thursday to “send a message to President Obama, Tim Kaine and their Washington allies by giving George Allen an important victory in the Republican Primary on June 12.”

    Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling was with Allen to launch the “Send the Message” campaign in Mount Jackson and Harrisonburg.

    Via Allen campaign release:

    “Our country is at a crossroads on freedom – the freedom to work, invest, harness our energy and chart our own lives through personal responsibility,” said Lt. Governor Bolling. “This election is too important to sit on the sidelines, and it’s time for Virginians to send a message by rallying behind George Allen’s proven leadership, positive vision and powerful ideas for an American Comeback. He is the only candidate in this race with the record of creating jobs, reducing regulations, cutting taxes and fighting Washington waste. George Allen is the right leader for Virginia in the U.S. Senate.”

    “Virginians have been hurt by the failed tax, regulate, spend, borrow and print policies of President Obama and Tim Kaine. And we’re here to send a message on June 12 that we Virginians want more freedom and opportunity and less government meddling in our lives and businesses,” said George Allen. “I’m grateful for the support of Bill Bolling and thousands of grassroots advocates who share my vision of a better future than what we are enduring these days. I’m positive about America’s future because this election we can choose to reinvigorate the entrepreneurial spirit of our nation through responsible tax, reasonable regulatory and empowering energy policies that free job creators to invest, grow and create new jobs."