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Wizards' Checkered Sixth-Pick History



    After all of the hype about lucky charms, John Wall declined to wear Irene’s gold jacket to the NBA lottery, instead looked dapper in a lavender pin-stripe suit.

    The result (directly or indirectly, you decide), was an uneventful sixth pick for the Wizards in this year’s draft.

    In the team’s history, they have only drafted three players at No. 6 overall, all three while the team was still the Bullets. Melvin Turpin, in 1984, was immediately traded to the Cavaliers and became a draft bust. In 1992 Tom Gugliotta was drafted by the team in the sixth spot, where he played for three years before becoming a bit of a journeyman.

    Our favorite sixth pick for the Wizards was Calbert Cheaney. He had a respectable six seasons with the team, but his most significant contribution was his appearance in this music video alongside his amazing 1996 Bullets teammates. Check out Ben Wallace's stank face and Juwan Howard getting his '90s groove on. The magic starts at the 45-second mark.

    Perhaps we’ll see a remix with the Wizards and this year’s sixth pick. One can only dream. 

    Thanks to @wzzntzz and @danshanoff for confirming our player IDs.

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