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What Would Ted Do?



    Ted Leonsis wasn’t always the sports giant that D.C. had come to know and, well ... know. 

    An overlooked fact on his professional bio reveals that before he was a technology whiz at AOL, he was mayor of the small town of Orchid, Fla. With less than 200 residents, a median income of over $200,000 a year and its affiliation with Disney, it most likely wasn’t a difficult job. 

    It got us thinking, what would Leonsis do if he found himself in the tougher position of mayor of D.C.? How would he leave his mark on the city?

    His checklist would most likely be 101 items long, but we’ve narrowed it down to 10:

    What Would Mayor Ted Do?

    1. Paint the steps of the Capitol red
    2. Create interactive games to entertain people waiting at the DMV
    3. Introduce an ordinance requiring Penguins fans to wear “I’m With Stupid” t-shirts with the arrow pointing up at all times while visiting the city
    4. Appoint Ovechkin as the city’s first Communications Liaison
    5. Require all new parents to use their AOL screen names when filling out birth certificates
    6. Start each city council meeting with the Dougie and end with the John Wall dance
    7. Install cupholders on the Metro
    8. Move City Hall to Clarendon
    9. Require all city Starbucks to fill their coffee cups from the bottom up
    10. Make this the city’s new anthem