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Washington, St. Louis Mayors Place Bet On NLDS, Losing City Must Fly Winning City's Flag



    Ah, the classic sports-related bet between mayors of dueling cities. These are always fun.

    They're never incredibly exciting, like the loser having to wear his wife's best dress while mowing the winner's lawn, but they're worth a chuckle.

    Mostly, the bets involve swapping food and drink of some kind, like the time when New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg put bagels on the line against San Francisco Mayor Edwin Lee's sourdough bread. He also bet on the naming rights to 49th Street, but you can't eat that. Or the time Bloomberg wagered a VIP trip to New York for a Boston family if the Patriots defeated the Giants in the Super Bowl.

    I think we can all agree that Bloomberg is crazy, but this isn't about Bloomberg and his craziness.

    Moving on, the mayor of our fair city, Vincent Gray, has agreed to a bet with St. Louis Mayor Francis Slay regarding the outcome of the ongoing postseason series between Gray's Nationals and Slay's Cardinals.

    Here are the parameters:

    The Mayors have agreed that, if the Nationals win the series, a special version of the DC flag emblazoned with the District’s “Taxation Without Representation” motto will fly over City Hall in downtown St. Louis for a day. Conversely, if the Cardinals take the series, St. Louis’ “three rivers” flag will fly over the District’s John A. Wilson Building (the seat of the Executive Office of the Mayor and the DC Council) for a day.

    "We're no stranger to postseason play in St. Louis. So, we're thrilled to show the upstarts how to do it right," Slay said in a statement.  "I look forward to our City’s flag flying proudly over the John A. Wilson Building when our boys wrap this thing up."

    Mr. Gray, your response?

    “I look forward to the citizens of the City of St. Louis getting a lesson not only on the baseball diamond when the Nats take the series, but also in the uniquely unjust situation in which the District’s 618,000-plus residents find ourselves – denied voting representation in Congress and ultimate authority over our own budget and affairs – when our flag flies over Market Street in downtown St. Louis!”

    Them's fighting words. I think. 

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