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Stephen Strasburg



    Stephen Strasburg probably never imagined his rookie season with the Nationals would end with a surgeon taking a tendon from his thigh and attaching it to his pitching elbow.

    Yeah, not a good way to finish up your first MLB campaign.

    But after undergoing Tommy John surgery, Strasburg is now on the road to recovery.  It's possible he won't pitch at the Major League level at all in 2011, and if he does it won't be until September at the earliest.

    But that doesn't mean Strasburg still isn't the biggest piece of the future for the struggling Nationals organization.  Sure, Bryce Harper is entering the organization with tremendous hype and unbelievable power.  But arms like Strasburg's come along once a lifetime.

    Because of his elbow injury, have we seen the peak of Strasburg's pitching prowess?  Or can he return from the significant surgery and continue on what many thought was a path to the Hall of Fame?  Hey, it's not out of the realm of possibilities.  Some pitchers have even seen their velocity INCREASE after they've had the surgery.  In Strasburg's case, that would just be downright scary and unfair to the opposition.

    The DMV will be hanging on every bit of news out of Camp Strasburg throughout the months and years ahead because as the phenom's arm goes, so may go the future of the Nationals organization.

    No pressure, kid.  But the fate of the team may be attached to your right arm.