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Semin Ranked As "Easily Intimidated"



    Alexander Semin gets a lot of criticism for his playoff performance, and has been called out by teammates for his lack of effort. 

    In September, ex-teammate Matt Bradley said that Semin "just doesn't care," which prompted Semin's agent to respond that "Alex cares, no question."

    Now it seems some other players in the league don’t care too much for his psyche.

    Sports Illustrated did another one of their polls where they rank players, but for this one they asked the players to do the ranking.

    They asked 145 NHL players “which all-star-caliber player is the easiest to intimidate” and Semin came in at No. 3 out of 15 players on the list.

    The poll kept the voter anonymous, so we don’t know if any Capitals players weighed in.

    It’s not a flattering list to be on, but Semin probably doesn’t care.

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